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Industry Yearbook
This section contains industry yearbooks of China
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 China Construction Machinery Industry Yearbook 2017 
Title : China Construction Machinery Industry Yearbook 2017
Code : CYI46264917ISBN/ISSN : 9787111580133
Published Date : 10/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Machinery Industry Press
Price :  US$108.33 
"China Construction Machinery Industry Yearbook 2017" 2017 Journal set up articles, industry articles, 16-year footprint, business articles, market articles, research articles, statistical data, standard index, policies and regulations, memorabilia and "all the way" topic, 2016, the construction machinery industry, Nostoc commemorate the situation, detailed records of the excav...
 China’s tire rim valve standard Yearbook  2016/2017 
Title : China’s tire rim valve standard Yearbook 2016/2017
Code : CYI501742616ISBN/ISSN :
Published Date : 9/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Standards Press
Price :  US$220.00 
In order to meet the domestic and international markets and foreign advanced standards required standards, the National Standardization Technical Committee of the tire rim wheel tire and related industries should China demands special preparation of the yearbook. The yearbook includes Subjects, car tires, light truck tires, truck tires, OTR tires, agricultural tires, industrial vehicles pneumatic ...
 Almanac of China Paper Industry 2017 
Title : Almanac of China Paper Industry 2017
Code : CYI79000117ISBN/ISSN : 9787518415472
Published Date : 9/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Technical Association of Paper Industry
Price :  US$91.67 
"China Paper Yearbook 2017" is compiled by the China Paper Society of the professional yearbook, is currently the only yearly recorded in the Chinese paper industry information tool. Since its inception in 1986, along with the development of China's paper industry, "China Paper Yearbook" has been published 20 volumes, the volume of "China Paper Yearbook 2017" for ...
 China Paint And Coatings Industry Annual 2016 
Title : China Paint And Coatings Industry Annual 2016
Code : CYI568627316(1)ISBN/ISSN :
Published Date : 9/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Coating Industry Association
Price :  US$250.00 
"China Paint Industry Yearbook" is compiled by the China Paint Industry Association, one of the only year by year to compile the development of China's paint industry, the authoritative literature, is to understand and introduce China's paint industry status and development of practical reference books. "China Paint Industry Yearbook 2016" records the development of Chi...
 Chinese Culture Yearbook 2016 
Title : Chinese Culture Yearbook 2016
Code : CYI53324216ISBN/ISSN : 9787501360482
Published Date : 8/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Xin Hua Press
Price :  US$101.67 
"Chinese Culture Yearbook 2016" using the classification of editing, the main content of the category, sub-head, entry three levels. A total of cultural development profiles, subordinate units of cultural development, local cultural development, laws and regulations and policy documents, cultural statistics, appendix and other six categories. Cultural development, subordinate units of cu...
 China Journalism Education Yearbook (2017) 
Title : China Journalism Education Yearbook (2017)
Code : CYI3902421417ISBN/ISSN : 9787307194397
Published Date : 8/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Wuhan Press
Price :  US$83.33 
The book is compiled by the Chinese Society of Journalism Education. The book presents the development of China's news communication education. In particular, it introduces the history of journalism education, the teaching and scientific research of all kinds of news departments at all levels, and the education of journalism and communication. The emergence of educators, journalists, journalis...
 High Voltage Industry Almanac 2016 
Title : High Voltage Industry Almanac 2016
Code : CYI659759916(2)ISBN/ISSN :
Published Date : 8/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Electrical Equipment Industry Association
Price :  US$650.00 
 China Coal Industry Yearbook 2015 
Title : China Coal Industry Yearbook 2015
Code : CYI126000115ISBN/ISSN : 10086528
Published Date : 8/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Coal Information Research Institute
Price :  US$112.17 
"China Coal Industry Yearbook 2015" Since its inception in 1982, always adhere to the "market-oriented, grass-roots service," the publication of the guidelines, and strive to improve the quality of publications for the majority of readers to provide quality and comprehensive services."China Coal Industry Yearbook 2015" income of the 2015 coal industry, the relevant in...
 China Agriculture Yearbook 2016 
Title : China Agriculture Yearbook 2016
Code : CYI08000116(2)ISBN/ISSN : 9771009655164
Published Date : 8/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Agriculture Press
Price :  US$101.67 
First, the "China Agricultural Yearbook 2016" is a reflection of China's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, township enterprises, farming, agricultural machinery, water conservancy, meteorological basic information tool. Since 1980, published a volume every year, 2016 edition is the first volume of the volume, the volume of convergence, in principle, do not repeat th...
 World Chinese Media Yearbook 2017 
Title : World Chinese Media Yearbook 2017
Code : CYI140266817ISBN/ISSN : 9771672171039
Published Date : 8/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China's media publisher
Price :  US$150.00 
"World Chinese Media Yearbook" is a display of Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese media development status of information, practical, academic and both large annual."World Media Yearbook ~ 2017 volume set" media style "(picture)," Chinese media development review "," Chinese media forum "," Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese media briefing &q...
 China TV ratings Yearbook 2017 
Title : China TV ratings Yearbook 2017
Code : CYI213266917(2)ISBN/ISSN : 9787565720369
Published Date : 7/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Communication University of China Press
Price :  US$75.00 
"China TV Watch Yearbook (2017)" mainly includes four parts.Part I: Summary. This part is mainly from the viewing environment, the audience characteristics, the audience viewing behavior, channel competition, program competition, TV advertising and competition and other aspects of the 2016 China TV viewing market for a panoramic description and analysis. Part II: Thematic Study ... Part ...
 China Securities Yearbook 2016 
Title : China Securities Yearbook 2016
Code : CYI16000116ISBN/ISSN :
Published Date : 7/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Price :  US$495.00 
"China Securities Industry Yearbook 2016" (on the middle and lower) "China Securities Industry Yearbook" to the objective, fair, comprehensive, authoritative historical mission, faithfully record the development of China's securities market trajectories, publicity at home and abroad to show our securities The development of the market achievements, made its due contribution...
 China Express Yearbook 2016 
Title : China Express Yearbook 2016
Code : CYI4591632816ISBN/ISSN : 9787114138980
Published Date : 7/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Logistics Technology Association
Price :  US$108.33 
"China Express Yearbook 2016" is the field of China's express authoritative comprehensive, informative, historical reference book, designed to objectively record, comprehensively reflect the development of China's express delivery area and the annual progress and the main achievements of each region, can be For readers to comprehensively understand the development of China's ...
 Chinese e-government Yearbook: 2016 
Title : Chinese e-government Yearbook: 2016
Code : CYI901767816ISBN/ISSN : 9787508756974
Published Date : 7/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Social Sciences Academic Press (China)
Price :  US$116.67 
China e-government yearbook (2016) This book is 2016 years of China's e-government development chronological description. The book reflects the construction and development of China's e-government in 2016, including policy documents, the overall situation of e-government development, the development of e-government in central and state organs, the development of local government e-governme...
 Chinese furniture Yearbook 2017 
Title : Chinese furniture Yearbook 2017
Code : CYI216302017ISBN/ISSN : 9787503891090
Published Date : 7/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Furniture Association
Price :  US$100.00 
"2017 China Furniture Yearbook" for the 2017 China Furniture Yearbook, including special reports, policies and regulations, annual information, data statistics, industry analysis, industry exhibition, industry competition, the name of enterprises, professional clusters and so on. This book is the industry release, data statistics and analysis, the industry dynamics and development trends...
 China Wood Furniture Design Yearbook 2017 
Title : China Wood Furniture Design Yearbook 2017
Code : CYI1432550617ISBN/ISSN : 9787503891403
Published Date : 7/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Forestry Press
Price :  US$108.33 
"2017 China Wood Furniture Design Yearbook" by the Beijing Li & Fung Accor High World Printing Co., Ltd. printing, July 2017 first edition, July 2017 the first printing. The main contents include: preface, editor press, index of works, expert advisor view, annual key words, thinking about Chinese wooden furniture design, the voice of the contestants.
 China’s auto supplies Yearbook 2017 
Title : China’s auto supplies Yearbook 2017
Code : CYI328356617ISBN/ISSN :
Published Date : 6/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Automobile Magazine
Price :  US$91.67 
By "Automobile Magazine" collection editor, in the most professional editing, most professional marketing team to operate, build automotive supplies industry's most authoritative and most influential information Daquan, providing the most comprehensive, practical consumer channels for the industry and consumers books!
 Chinese Contemporary Art  Yearbook 2016 
Title : Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook 2016
Code : CYI646737416ISBN/ISSN :
Published Date : 6/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Guangxi Normal University Press
Price :  US$125.00 
"China Contemporary Art Yearbook 2016" is divided into two parts: the first part of the basic facts, set "time, place, people, things" four columns, collecting and recording 2016 Chinese contemporary art field of various information, information; The second part is the theme of the record, tracking contemporary art trends, to provide thematic survey report, included in 2016 rep...
 Chinese Yearbook of Culture and Art 2017 
Title : Chinese Yearbook of Culture and Art 2017
Code : CYI2802541717ISBN/ISSN : 9787881325426
Published Date : 6/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : Culture and Art Publishing House
Price :  US$100.00 
 China Circular Economy Yearbook -2016 
Title : China Circular Economy Yearbook -2016
Code : CYI19000716ISBN/ISSN : 9787502474812
Published Date : 5/2017Language : Chinese
Publisher : China Financial & Economic Publishing House
Price :  US$136.00 
"China Circular Economy Yearbook 2016" is a comprehensive record of the history of large-scale circular economy class books books, adhere to the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee put forward the concept of green development, promote green development, cycle development, low-carbon development, the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China."Since China ...
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 4126 books) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 
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