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Yanbian Statistical Yearbook 2018
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Statistics Press
Published Date : 11/2018
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9789888498093
Weight : 2.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Statistics
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1. The Yanbian Statistical Yearbook is a comprehensive and comprehensive reflection of the economic and social development of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. The book contains a large number of statistical data on the economic and social aspects of the eight counties and cities in the state and the state in 2017, as well as the main statistical data of the state and the various states throughout the period.
Second, the book content is divided into three parts
(1) Album. It has compiled an overview of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, a report on the work of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture People's Government in 2017, and a statistical bulletin on the national economic and social development of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in 2017.
(2) Statistics. Divided into: 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Comprehensive; 3 population; 4. Salary of employees and employees; 5. Investment in fixed assets; 6. Urban and rural construction; 7. Energy consumption; 8. Finance, finance, insurance; 9. People's life; 10. Agriculture; 11. Industry; 12. Construction industry; 13. Transportation, post and telecommunications; 14 Retail trade and catering; 15. Foreign economic trade and tourism; Science and technology and cultural undertakings; 17. Sports, health and other undertakings; 18. Price; 19. Business climate and corporate groups.
(3) Interpretation of main statistical indicators. A brief description of the meaning, statistical scope, statistical methods, and historical changes of the main statistical indicators.
3. The unit of measurement and measurement used in the data adopts the international unified standard measurement unit.
4. Most of the information in this book comes from regular statistical reports. Some of the information comes from express reports and sample surveys. The statistics of the province are provided by the Comprehensive Department of Jilin Provincial Bureau of Statistics.
5. The absolute value and composition of the regional GDP, industrial output value and total agricultural output value in this book are calculated according to the statistical caliber of the current year. The index and development speed are calculated according to comparable caliber and comparable prices.
6. During the editing process, some of the statistics published by the Office in the past have been re-verified. Individual indicators and figures have been supplemented and revised. Please refer to this book for use.
7. The value indicators and composition used in this book, except for the indications, are calculated at the current year's price, and the development speed is calculated at comparable prices.
8. The symbol usage statement in the statistical table of this book indicates that the data of the statistical indicator is unknown or the data of the item; "#"
Indicates the main item; "..." indicates that the data is insufficient for the minimum number of units in this table.
In the process of editing and publishing, this book has received great support and help from leaders at all levels, relevant departments and all walks of life. Readers are welcome to provide valuable comments on the inadequacies of this information and help us further improve the editorial level.
Yanbian Statistical Yearbook 2018

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