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Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China 2015 (Set of 4, Chinese edition)
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Medical Science and Technology Press
Published Date : 6/2015
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787506773379 / 9787506773430 / 9787506773362 / 9787506775397
Weight : 10.00kg
Availability : Usually ship within one week
Book Type : Reference
Remarks : A Set of 4 Volumes
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In February 4, 2015, the people's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia 2015 version of the tenth Pharmacopoeia Committee of the Executive Committee of the plenary meeting considered and adopted. June 5th, the State Food and Drug Administration officially promulgated the people's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition, December 1st implementation. The promulgation of the new pharmacopoeia marks the level of China's drug use, pharmaceutical levels and the comprehensive improvement of the level of supervision, will promote the overall improvement of drug quality, for the protection of public safety and effective use of drugs.

"Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China" is a part of the national drug standards, the core of the national drug standards system. In accordance with the Party Central Committee proposed the "four most stringent" requirements, the new version of the Pharmacopoeia system has always adhere to the "scientific, advanced, practical, standardized" principle, based on experimental data, research results, expert evaluation, reflecting the scientific and rigorous Pharmacopoeia, to continue to improve the quality of high quality. At the same time, through strict supervision, to ensure the implementation of standards and the implementation of the "people's Republic of China," the authority of the.

New pharmacopoeia to further expand the collection and revision of drug varieties, a total of 5608 kinds of species. Volume One containes 2598 species, including 440 new species. Volume Two contains 2603 kinds of new varieties, including 492 kinds of new varieties. Volume Three contains 137 species of the collection, including 13 new varieties, the revision of the 105 species. On the first edition of the Pharmacopoeia of the Pharmacopoeia of the general rules, and with the medicinal materials as a separate volume as the new version of the Pharmacopoeia four. Volume Four contains general rules of the total number of 317, including general rule 38, detection method 240, guiding principle 30, standard substance and control the general rule 9; medicinal materials collected 270 kinds, including 137 kinds of new, revised 97.

The new edition of the Pharmacopoeia marks a new stage in China's pharmaceutical standards. Mainly embodied in five aspects: one is the new edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia of explanatory notes, general, general of the comprehensive revision, enhancing the overall quality control requirements. Two is to further expand the application of advanced and mature detection technology, focusing on strengthening the safety and effectiveness of drug control requirements, the scientific nature of the Pharmacopoeia standards, advanced, normative further strengthen. Three is through the scientific selection of varieties, improve detection capabilities, strict regulations, improve the technical guidance and other measures, so that the leading role of Pharmacopoeia standards and technology oriented role significantly enhanced. Four is the standard of medicinal materials used to receive a substantial increase in the variety of varieties, quality control level and safety of accessories. Five is to improve the standard system of the Pharmacopoeia of the construction, strengthen the quality management of the concept, strengthen the "people's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia" in the national drug standards in the core position.

To improve the overall level of China's pharmaceutical quality, the new version of the Pharmacopoeia will focus on the role of the four aspects. Is play to safeguard public health, protect the safe and effective use of the "protective wall" effect; second is to play a leading industrial structure adjustment and upgrading the quality of the "Navigator" role; play to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises "booster" effect; four is to play the Chinese pharmaceutical achieve quality hard commitment, leading to the "Rainbow Bridge" effect of the internationalization of the road. The General Administration of China will promote the improvement of pharmaceutical quality and accelerate the development of enterprises and products, and promote the healthy development of China's pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China 2015 (Set of 4, Chinese edition)

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