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Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China 2014 (Economic Daily Press) Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China 2014 (Economic Daily Press)

"China Customs Import and Export Tariff of 2014 ," a bilingual ( with CD ) Ten coding, regulatory conditions , reporting instructions, the export tax rebate policies and regulations, the customs on behalf of taxation List Special Note 2014 Tariff newly added book :1, the new tariff join Tariff Commission of the State Council , " 2014 tariff plan" and " the entire contents of the export rebate rate in 2014 " ;2 , 2014, will include regulatory condition...
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China Customs Statistical Yearbook 2009 (English Edition) China Customs Statistical Yearbook 2009 (English Edition)

China's Customs Statistics Yearbook has been compiled by the Customs General Administration of China. It is published in Chinese and English separately. The aim of this annual edition is to provide the basic information on China's external trade performances.The 2009 issue contains the country's most detailed trade data broken down by 8 digit commodity classification based on the Harmonized System(HS) and by trading partners for the year of 2009Customs statistics are compiled from the declarations which are made to the Customs by importers, exporters of their agen...
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HS Code Commodity Classification English / Chinese References
Keywords(English Name/Chinese Name/HS Code)
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9601Worked ivory, bone, tortoise-shell, horn, antlers, coral, mother-of-pearl & other animal carving material & articles of these materials已加工動物質雕刻材料及其製品
9602Worked vegetable or mineral carving material & articles of these materials; moulded or carved articles of wax, etc已加工植物質或礦物質雕刻材料及其製品等
9603Brooms, brushes , hand-operated mechanical floor sweepers; prepared knots & tufts for broom or brush making; paint pads & rollers; squeegees帚刷拖把及毛撣等;制帚刷的成束成簇材料等
9604Hand sieves and hand riddles手用粗篩、細篩
9605Travel sets for personal toilet, sewing or shoe or clothes cleaning個人梳妝、縫紉或清潔衣、鞋用成套旅行用具
9606Buttons, press-fasteners, snap-fasteners & press-studs, button moulds & other parts of these articles; button blanks鈕扣、撳扣、鈕扣芯及扣的其他零件;鈕扣坯
9607Slide fasteners and parts thereof拉鏈及其零件
9608Ball point pens; felt tipped & other porous-tipped pens & markers; fountain pens, stylograph pens & other pens, etc; & parts thereof圓珠筆;滲水筆;鋼筆等筆;筆杆;筆零件
9609Pencils, crayons, pencil leads, pastels, drawing charcoals, writing or drawing chalks & tailors' chalks鉛筆、鉛筆芯、蠟筆、碳筆、粉筆及裁縫劃粉
9610Slates and boards, with writing or drawing surfaces, whether or not framed具有書寫或繪畫面的石板、黑板等板,可鑲框
9611Date, sealing or numbering stamps, & the like; hand-operated composing sticks & hand printing sets incorporating such composing sticks手用印戳;手工操作排字盤及有排字盤手印器
9612Typewriter or similar ribbons, inked or otherwise prepared for giving impressions; ink-pads打字機色帶等已著色色帶;印臺
9613Cigarette lighters & other lighters, whether or not mechanical or electrical, & parts thereof other than flints & wicks打火機等打火器及其零件,但火石及機芯除外
9614Smoking pipes ( incl. pipe bowls ) & cigar or cigarette holders, and parts thereof煙鬥(包括煙鬥頭)和煙嘴及其零件
9615Combs, hair-slides & the like; hairpins, curling pins, curling grips, hair-curlers & the like, excl. those of heading 85.16 & parts thereof梳子、發夾等;發卡、卷發夾等及其零件
9616Scent sprays & similar toilet sprays, & mounts & heads therefor; powder puffs & pads for the application of cosmetics or toilet preparations化妝噴霧器及其座架、噴頭;粉撲及粉拍
9617Vacuum flasks & other vacuum vessels, complete with cases; parts thereof other than glass inners帶殼保溫瓶等真空容器及其零件,玻璃膽除外
9618Tailors' dummies & other lay figures; automata & other animated displays used for shop windows dressing人體模型;櫥窗裝飾用自動模型等活動陳列品 provides the tool for free. is not responsible for accuracy of information. Customers may use the tool at their own risk. For updated and complete information, please order Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China 2014 (Economic Daily Press)
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