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China Welfare Affairs Yearbook 1994-2007
US$113.00 US$107.35
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Description Table of Content
Publisher : Contemporary China Publishing House
Published Date : 12/2008
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 978-7-8017-0775-8
Pages : 694
Weight : 2.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Reference
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Glorious Cause is in the Central United Front Work Department, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Organization, driven by the China non-public ownership economy in 1994 to tie in with the "state '87' Anti-Poverty Program" launched to help the poor implementation of a social cause. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, we edited and published the "China Yearbook of the Glorious Cause," its significance lies not only in their own development record of the Glorious Cause of history, but also lies in its ability to vividly reflected from one aspect of reform and opening up new social strata during the growth condition, the development of society to help the poor, expanding the patriotic united front and other major historical events and major historical changes. "China Yearbook of the Glorious Cause," in China, the Glorious Cause Promotion Organization, under the guidance of conduct by the Editorial Board of Manpower issued and audited by the Contemporary China Publishing House editing and publishing. "China Yearbook of the Glorious Cause (1994 1, 2007)" Glorious Cause is the first yearbook, taking into account 13 years of Glorious Cause the overall development process and the main work of 2007 records, the records from the period of April 23, 1994 to 2007 12 31. The main contents of the Yearbook are: important documents, the experts point of view, the work report of the calendar year, international exchange, sparkling personalities, focusing on contact area, the focus of the project, and media reports, such as the appendix. Apart from text book, but also with pictures and information on the chart.

"Important documents" included Jia Qinglin, Li, Xi Jinping, Wang Zhaoguo, Liu, Du Qinglin, Huang Mengfu and other leaders on the Glorious Cause of an important speech or report.

"Expert Viewpoint," a collection of the United Nations, the Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Administration, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, and other Chinese三峡办Association Glorious Cause an important cooperative units on the importance of the Glorious Cause article.

"Annual report" a collection of China's Association for 1996 Glorious Cause One 2007 report on the work of the Council. "International Exchange" Indexed China over the years the International Association for the Glorious Cause trip, summed up the exchange's activities. "Guangcai Person" includes the past 13 years to participate actively in the Glorious Cause and made outstanding contributions to the private entrepreneur 30. "The point contact area" included China Association for Promoting Guangcai seven key contact areas Liaocheng, Zhumadian, Bengbu, Wanzhou, Baotou, Ji'an, Yinchuan's summary report.

"The focus of the ad hoc" Glorious Cause included in the process of promoting the demonstration project and since 1997 the focus of the ad hoc. "Media reports" included major media coverage representation of the Glorious Cause.

"Appendix" included corporate social responsibility report, the Chinese Association for the Glorious Cause-related historical documents, the Glorious Cause 1994 - 2007 Events. The Yearbook of the information and data, as of December 31, 2007, both by the Central United Front Work Department, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Association for Promoting the Guangcai Program and other relevant departments to confirm.

In the Yearbook of the editing process, get the Central United Front Work Department, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Association for Promoting the Guangcai Program leaders at all levels and relevant departments of the great support and selfless help, would like to express heartfelt thanks. Compilation "China Yearbook Glorious Cause" is the first time, errors and paper leakage is inevitable, please correct me readers.
China Welfare Affairs Yearbook 1994-2007

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