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China Publisher’s Yearbook 2018
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Publisher's Yearbook Press
Published Date : 11/2018
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787563827930
Weight : 3.10kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Industry
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The China Publishing Yearbook has been in its glorious years since its inception in 1980. The Yearbook believes that publishing is the content, it is a classic, and it is a classic casting classic. A publishing culture history also shows a rule: no matter how the publishing form is ever-changing, it has changed for thousands of years, from oracle bone, Zhong Ding, Jane, stone carving, engraving, movable type printing to digital publishing, and the only constant is the content. Excellent content always spreads with the advanced publishing form and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, this volume of the yearbook universally selects classic content, creates classic columns, and faithfully records the era of revolutionary reform and opening up.
The "China Publishing Yearbook 2018" is the main theme of the theme publishing. The "Special Loads" and "Key Concerns" columns report that Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang and other leading comrades are concerned about publishing and participating in the publication of important activities, as well as reflecting the publication of the era of the 65th anniversary of the founding of New China, the publication of socialist core values, media integration and Deepen the topics of publishing reform. It truly reproduces the glorious performance of the national news and publishing industry, which closely focuses on the center and serves the overall situation, and actively promotes the theme publishing and disseminates positive energy.
The "Data Analysis Report" section of "China Publishing Yearbook 2018" was newly created in response to the urgent needs of the publishing industry's big data era. China's news publishing industry has entered the era of big editors, big publishing, and big data. All publishing units urgently need authoritative departments to provide detailed data and materials as a reference for their work decisions. The problem that data can really solve is not only technical issues, but the quality of the data, providing quality data resources. This volume collects and analyzes the analysis reports provided and published by various parties, including the comprehensive data analysis report of the publishing industry, the annual operation of the listed publishing enterprise, the development of the publishing industry, the statistics of the development of the Internet in China, the analysis of the Chinese library distribution market, and the 2017 China Network. Copyright protection annual report, and so on. These report theories are related to reality, and the actual situation of China's publishing industry and the problems that need to be solved are analyzed.
The China Publishing Yearbook 2018 creates an academic atmosphere for publishing. The value of academics lies in summing up experience from practice and sublimating into theory, which in turn affects practice. The formation of theory marks the symbol of practice, the establishment of disciplines, and the success of industry. The formation of publishing theory requires people of insight from all walks of life to work together to explore and construct. This volume strives to serve the industry and provide publishing academic information of great value. This volume divides published academic information into two parts: papers and books. The paper part directly renamed the past "theory and practice" column to "published academic research", and still used the full text, excerpt, and index methods to increase the amount of information on the paper; the book part newly created the "new industry" column, the index provides annual publication. Industry research work information, including title, author, publishing unit, publication time, etc.
The China Publishing Yearbook 2018 has spawned new things. Now is the era of rapid advancement in publishing technology. The combination of data and media has produced many new concepts and applications. This volume is newly created with the “Year of the Year” column. However, the "word of the year" in this volume is not a definition of the word convention, but rather a description of the words in the publications, a comprehensive introduction to valuable different discourses, and a space for the readers and researchers to provide. This volume mainly includes keywords comprehensive, big data, all media, new media, self-media, crowdfunding publishing, cloud publishing, publishing brands, mobile reading, and on-demand publishing.
China Publisher’s Yearbook 2018

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