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China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Yearbook 2010
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Machinery Industry Press
Published Date : 12/2010
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787111326960
Pages : 380
Weight : 1.80kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Industry
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2009 is the new century economic and social development in China since the most difficult year, the industry has withstood the severe impact of the financial crisis. The face of financial crisis, weak growth in demand, exports dropped difficulties, our government has taken timely and effective response to economic stimulus package, the machine tool industry, the major machine tool producing countries in the international economic indicators slump environment, still achieved industrial output value and output value of double-digit sales growth, to become the world's only country to maintain growth. In 2009, China became the world for 8 years the first machine tool consumer and importer of the first, the machine output from the first time in 2008, ranks third in the world as the first. In 2009, the machine tool industry 4 01.42 billion yuan industrial output value, an increase of 16.1%; industrial sales output value of 3, 92.25 billion yuan, up 18.7% than the morning. Domestic metal processing machine tool consumption $ 19,790,000,000, of which the amount of metal cutting machine tool consumption, $ 15,170,000,000, metal forming machine tool consumption 4.62 billion. Achieving metal processing I: machine tool production 799,100 units, down 8.97%; which, CNC metal working machines to reach 153,200 units produced foment more than ¨ F down 0.04%. Metal forming machine tool production 218,900 units, an increase of 6.1%. Total import and export of machine tool products, 14.44 billion U.S. dollars, down 25.6%; export volume of 4.74 billion U.S. dollars, import and export deficit of $ 4,960,000,000. Metal Cutting Machine shade imports $ 5,897,000,000, $ 1,412,000,000 export, import and export deficit $ 4,485,000,000, including CNC metal processing] Second Machine Tool I] the amount of $ 4,583,000,000 and exports of 414 million. 2009 afternoon, the machine I: a positive response to the financial crisis, industries and enterprises, to accelerate the pace of adjustment of product structure, focusing on major science and technology development of the national economy much-needed equipment, develop new products and achieved good results, many products have national, provincial and Ministry the municipal science and technology award. In 2009, the machine tool industry of the "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award," a total of 24, including 1 first prize, second prize of five, third place 18. The industries reporting and award-winning projects compared to the l: years have increased the number of winning three more than last year, indicating that the company attaches great importance to high-end research and development of CNC machine tools F, machine tools technical level continues to increase. The current international financial crisis has not been eliminated, the world economic recovery is not stable, the global economic downturn led to the rise of trade protectionism, the international industry in a major change and adjustment stage. "Low-carbon economy" and "green manufacturing" will be the subject of future world economic development, and will become the industry a new economic growth point. How China's machine tool industry, nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, services for the development of low-carbon economy, to improve the efficiency of the old equipment, services, research and industry will be development of new topics. Industries and enterprises to seize the opportunity to closely follow the situation and change of economic development, accelerate structural adjustment thread, so that China's machine tool industry in the sustainable development of stable and rapid development on the road. Over the years, "China Machine Tool Industry Yearbook 1, two" has become the China Machine Tool Industry Association with the community and the wider use of F • mutual contact, exchange, increase understanding of the bridge, and get everyone's concern, help and support. In the future, hope that the majority of users and the industry continue to jointly support each other, for the machine tool industry's sustainable development efforts! "China Machine Tool Industry Yearbook" is recorded in the tool industry, providing readers with information on more comprehensive machine tool industry's annual economic operation and development, we want to understand the industry development of the industry history of the situation and help. "China Machine Tool Industry Yearbook * the editing process, we get the machine tool industry and related enterprises for their strong support of the user, thanks in this together. China Machine Tool Industry Association will continue to provide all the friends and customers to provide sincere service.
China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Yearbook 2010

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