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China Insurance Market Development Report 2009
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Insurance Regulatory Commission
Published Date : 5/2009
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787504357861
Weight : 1.10kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Report
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Since 2008, the international economic environment worsened, and a marked increase in the domestic economic difficulties, the CPC Central Committee State Council, appropriate
To adjust the direction of macro-control, focus and intensity. Changes in the face of the economic situation and macro-policy adjustments, the insurance industry against
Should be earlier, action is faster and generally maintained a good momentum of development. China's accumulated amount of the original insurance premium income
Income of 978.41 billion yuan, an increase of 39.06%. The end of 2008, the insurance company the size of the total assets of a total of 3-34 trillion yuan,
Increase of 1.51% compared with the beginning. The insurance industry risks can be effectively prevention, functional roles to play step by step, showing a trade-fat
Show the overall unity and service, the insurance regulatory and market development phase to promote a good situation.
At present, the insurance industry facing the development of the overall situation is good. The basic situation of China's economic development has not changed,
The insurance industry has not changed the economic and social foundation. In particular, promulgated by the state to further expand domestic demand and promote economic
Growth of 10 measures to increase infrastructure investment to investment-driven domestic demand in order to improve people's livelihood and to expand consumer
Fees, these are for the insurance industry, broaden their service areas to better serve the economic and social provided a broad stage, but also for the insurance
Industry, provided a rare opportunity for self-development. At the same time, the international financial crisis has not yet bottomed out, bring the insurance industry j in the attack
And the impact may be deepened. For the insurance industry, the challenges and opportunities, difficulties and hopes.
In conclusion, in previous years experience in the insurance industry report has been prepared on the basis of China Insurance Regulatory Commission post-doctoral research station
Joint Industrial Safety, Beijing Jiaotong University, China Research Center post-doctoral research station, China Life Insurance (Group)
Company's post-doctoral research station, the Chinese People's Insurance Group post-doctoral research station, China Reinsurance (set
Group) Company post-doctoral research station, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. post-doctoral research work
Bohai Property Insurance Co., Ltd. station and post-doctoral research station has prepared a "Report of China Insurance Market Development
(2009). " This book comprehensively summarizes the 2008 state of development of China's insurance market, and the next period of insurance, a city of
Development of the market trend is prospected. "China's Insurance Market Development Report (2009)" is an insurance industry Blue Book
Series of continuity can also be self-contained, both timeliness, information and research.
This book has been in the preparation process of the relevant departments of China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the various insurance regulatory authorities of their assistance package
Including: insurance regulatory and Manpower Research Department, Jiangxi, Hubei and insurance regulatory and Manpower Research Department, Fujian, insurance regulatory and Manpower Research Department, Henan and insurance regulatory and Manpower Research
Department, Tianjin, insurance regulatory and Manpower Research Division, Research Department, Zhejiang insurance regulatory and Manpower, Heilongjiang insurance regulatory Commission Research Department, Qingdao and insurance regulatory and Manpower Research
Office and the Insurance Institute of China, China's insurance industry associations, Taikang Asset Management Corporation, the China Export Credit Insurance
公司. In the writing process, Yunnan insurance regulatory gave strong support. At this point, we thank all together.
Since the preparation of standards is limited, plus the preparation time is rather short, and this book will inevitably be imperfect and errors and omissions,
Hope that readers hesitate to correct me.
China Insurance Market Development Report 2009

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