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China input-output tables 2007
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Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Statistics Press
Published Date : 9/2009
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787503756955
Pages : 493
Weight : 1.60kg
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Book Type : Statistics
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Input-output survey and compilation of input-output tables is a long-term and periodic work approved by the State Council of RPC. According to Notice on Conducting National Input-Output Survey (No.18 [1987], issued by General Office of the State Council), in the year ending with 2 and 7, National Bureau of Statistics, National Development and Reform Committee, Ministry of Finance issue the document jointly, assign and organize the national input-output survey, and the  benchmark input-output tables will be compiled. 2007 Input-Output Tables of China is the fifth national benchmark input-output table compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics of China after 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002 benchmark input-output tables.    

As one of the important parts of the system of national accounts, input-output accounts play significant role in harmonizing the specialized statistical data and realizing the consistency among GDP estimates by production, income and expenditure approaches. They also provide a powerful tool for analytical purposes in the fields of production, demand, price, energy, environment, and so on. Publishing 2007 Input-Output Tables of China will meet the demand of our micro-economic management departments and various circles and it will play an important role in our macro-economic analysis and management. 

On the basis of experiences of the input-output surveys and compilation of input-output tables in previous years, 2007 input-output table is compiled. It is of the following features:

A.     Further Subdivided Sectors

Referring to Industrial Classification of National Economy (GB/T4754-2002), there are 135 sectors in 2007 Input-Output Tables of China. Among them, there are 5 sectors for agriculture, 5 sectors for mining, 81 sectors for manufacture, 3 sectors for production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, 1 sector for construction, 9 sectors for traffic, transport, storage and post, 3 sectors for information transmission, computer services and software, 1 sector for wholesale and retail trades, 2 sectors for hotel and catering services, 2 sectors for financial intermediation and insurance, 1 sector for real estate, and 22 sectors for other services. 

Compared with sector classification of 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002 input-output tables of China, there are respectively 17, 16, 11 and 13 sectors more in 2007 Input-Output Tables of China. 

B.  Survey Forms of Integration of Departments and Regions at Different Levels 

Survey organization of integration of departments and regions at different levels is adopted in the national input-output survey in 2007. Ministry of Railway and State Post Bureau of PRC are still responsible for 2007 input-output surveys of transport via railway and post respectively. National Bureau of Statistics of China is responsible for organizing the surveys of the other parts. Within NBS, Department of Investment and Construction Statistics is responsible for the survey on investment composition of fixed assets, Department of Industry Statistics is responsible for the survey on cost and expenses of industrial enterprises, and Department of National Accounts is responsible for the others. 

C. Adapting Customs Statistics to the Requirements of Gross Output Accounting

When we compile 2007 Input-Output Tables of China, we take into account the difference, which is: in national accounts the gross output of processing of materials supplied by the foreign businessmen is equal to the processing charges, while in import and export statistics by the Customs the commodity value is calculated according to its total volume. Therefore when we compile the import and export vectors, we make adjustments to import and export data of trade. That is, import data in the input-output tables is equal to the difference of total volume of import minus import of processing of material provided by foreign clients. And export data in the input-output tables is equal to the difference of total volume of export minus export of processing raw materials on client’s demands, then plus the processing charges of processing with supplied materials. Thus we adapt Customs statistics to the requirements of gross output accounting in national accounts, and further improve the accounting method of 2007 Input-Output Tables of China.

In the process of the national input-output survey and compilation of 2007 Input-Output Tables of China, we have benefited from the great support and coordination of various circles. We would like to express our appreciation for them. 

Due to limitation in experience and capacity, there may be some errors and omissions in the tables, any comments or criticism on them will be welcome.

China input-output tables 2007

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