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China Economic Census Yearbook 2004
US$250.00 US$225.00
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Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Statistics Press
Published Date : 6/2006
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787503748622
Pages : 2288
Weight : 6.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Statistics
Remarks : Hardcopy includes CD-Rom, 4 Volumes; Electronic version is 8MB, 1 ZIP file includes 786 EXCEL files. Electronic Version is downloadable online after purchase the title
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In order to facilitate the community to share the first fruits of national economic census, more convenient for the development and utilization of census data, we will organize Edit economic census data, compiled into the "China Economic Census Yearbook -2004," one book. A total of four three-volume book, namely, General volumes, the second industry volume (upper and lower volumes) and the tertiary industry volumes, and book distribution with the same CD-ROM version of an electron. "General Volume" as the basic unit of information, Vol middle General articles, business articles, business, institutions, associations, private non-enterprise articles, rail transport articles, as well as part of Appendix 5. "Secondary industry volumes," according to the content is divided into upper and lower 2. On List 2: The first "Industrial production and operation and financial position", the second as a "major industrial products output and energy consumption." Book 2: The first chapter of "above-scale industrial enterprises Technology circumstances", the second as "the construction industry production and operation and financial position." "Tertiary industry volumes," six hours. First for the "Transport, storage and postal industry in the production and operation and financial position", the second for the "wholesale and retail merchandise sales and the financial situation", the third as "accommodation and catering industry production and operation and financial position" , fourth for "real estate production and operation and financial position", the fifth chapter "Other enterprise production and management services industry and financial position", the sixth chapter to "the financial situation of the administrative departments and institutions."

To enable the readers to be able to make better use of this information is on the question to do the following:

First, the first national economic census standard de facto for December 31, 2004, during the data for 2004.

Two, each volume with the volume after a detailed explanation of the indicators, when used carefully read.

Three, General Volume 1-01 Summary of the legal number of units, including the railway transportation information, and the rest do not include summary information on rail transport. The basic situation of the railway transport packet data separately.

Four, the information in accordance with the principles in the aggregate, that is, the actual per unit aggregate location.

Friday, the information on the part of the information because of different measurement units or trade-offs arising from rounding off a few did not make a bad adjustment.

Six, the table "-" the lack of information in this table express the smallest number of units, spaces, the statistical indicators that information is available with or without the information, "#", said one of the main items.

We hope that this book is available that will enable the community to our country first national economic census there is a comprehensive summary of the understanding, more willing to book the content of socio-economic research can provide valuable reference.

First national economic census data are the national census workers the fruits of hard work together, but also actively support the vast numbers of objects with the census results. At this point, we all census workers, the census objects and all those involved in census work and support personnel salute the noble and heartfelt thanks!
China Economic Census Yearbook 2004

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