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China Commerce Yearbook 2004 (Chinese Edition)
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Business Press
Published Date : 12/2004
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 7-8018-1453-3
Weight : 2.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Commerce
Estimated Shipping Time

1, in keeping with Articles unit in charge of institutional reform in 2003, after the functions of the State Council to adjust to China's domestic foreign trade business development trends of mutual integration and accession to the World Trade Organization to the new situation, "China Foreign Economic and Trade Yearbook" from 2004 changed its name to "China Business Yearbook." "China Business Yearbook" In addition to the original published "China's Foreign Economic and Trade Yearbook" all the content, would be based on a corresponding increase in the functions of the Ministry of Commerce on China's "internal trade" part of a comprehensive, systematic, accurately reflect the development of our annual business fundamentals.
Second, "China Business Yearbook" by the Ministry of Commerce presided over the compilation, is the only official yearbook commercial area. The Yearbook comprehensive system for reliable and informative, is an authoritative, instructive and practical large-scale books, people of all circles at home and abroad to understand, study the situation of the historical nature of Chinese business reference books.
3, the yearbook founded in 1984, an annual publication, each in Chinese and English two kinds of text volumes. The yearbook to maintain continuity and integrity of the content uploaded on the journal, the next issue will not repeat. For readers in 2003 before China's foreign economic and trade situation, please refer to the previous period of the Yearbook.
4, this issue "Yearbook" is comprehensively and systematically documented in 2003 the basic situation of China's business development. The book consists of 13 sections, namely, "Annual keyword", "special text", "Domestic Trade", "Trade in Goods", "Trade in Services", "use of foreign investment", "Foreign Economic Cooperation," "development zones" , "Local Business", "country (regional) economic and trade," "regulations," "statistics" and "Appendix" section.
5, "local business" and other columns where the relevant figures, due to statistical standards, methods, inconsistent, and some with the "Statistics" section in the figures do not correspond exactly with the "Statistics" section in the figures as an indicator.
Six provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the order, in accordance with the provisions of the State Council ordered a unified administrative divisions. Plans to separate cities, coastal open cities and special economic zones Deng Jun ranked in their respective provinces, autonomous regions and the back.
7, the yearbook of the units involved, the name of the author's name and position are subject to the closing date.
China Commerce Yearbook 2004 (Chinese Edition)

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