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China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Automotive Research Center
Published Date : 10/2015
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9772096069155
Weight : 3.10kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Industry
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"China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015" published annually, each year to track the various aspects of the development of China's auto industry last year, is a comprehensive account of motor vehicles (including motorcycles, the same below) the historical facts of industrial development, continuity, and large-scale integrated books for the national automotive industry planning, research, production, marketing and new product development to provide better guidance and service, welcomed by readers.
   In 2014, automobile production and sales were 3.7229 million and reach 2 2 3.4919 million, an increase of 7.3% Nongkou 6.9%, respectively, 20 million car sales once again step onto the step, the sixth named world. Passenger car sales growth is slowing, commercial re-enter the downstream section; overall good economic benefits of the industry, key enterprises run smoothly; gradually optimize the industrial structure, market concentration continued to improve; benefited from the country launched a series of supportive policies, new energy vehicle sales. Explosive growth.
"China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015" in the codification process, according to the changing situation and the development of the automotive industry characteristics, and rearrange columns as sort, different column designs a distinctive framework, easier access and content readers Comparative analysis also focused on the content of the text has been refined and concentrated.
"China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015" the body of 19 sections: Overview of the 2014 auto industry has review article; there is a concern for the industry, an overview of the topic of the year "Focus Year hot spots", "Chronicle"; guiding the development of the automotive industry the "policies and regulations", "automotive standardization"; "the basic situation of the automotive area," reflecting regional development and major automotive Group, "major groups"; reflect industry's import and export situation of "international cooperation and Importers"; in addition, there are " automotive market and services "," automotive products "," new energy vehicles "," car common technology, "" scientific research "," education "and" motorcycle "and other columns. Has brought together the country's basic situation of the automotive industry, "the auto industry statistics", "similar products" and "part of the business before"; "Appendix" in the automotive industry at home and abroad have relevant information.
"China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015" range of statistical data remains cars, modified cars, motorcycles, vehicles with engine manufacturers, automobile and motorcycle parts. For accessories business, the production of car tires and automotive glass products supporting enterprises classified as related industries, general summary does not include the number of automobile related supporting industries. The substandard auto repair industry, automotive testing, production equipment manufacturers and the automotive industry with raw materials production enterprises related data statistics. Each business will designate a primary product, such as factory production both automobile production and modified car, modified car main terms of production, the plant is the main product modified cars, economic indicators also import modified car. In addition, enterprises will be divided into specialized plants and factories and industry, automotive products factory industrial output value accounted for more than 75% (including 75%) is classified as a professional factory, less than 75 percent are classified as part-plant. Professional factory at the summary of the indicators are not converted, and after the factory sector indicators in proportion to the total output value of automobile industry factory industrial output translated summary.
   Automotive products classified according to GB / T 3730.1-2001 standard, the car is divided into two major categories of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Passenger cars are divided into basic passenger cars (sedans), MPV, SUV-known crossover vehicle use; commercial divide trucks and buses, will be non-complete vehicles (trucks, bus chassis) and semi-tractors singled out. As part of the enterprise reported missing, motorcycle parts count myself very comprehensive. Statistics substandard Taiwan Province of China, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region data, the lack of information on Tibet.
"China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015" in accordance with the principle of the Yearbook Editorial Board approval, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the strong state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Federation of Machinery industry and other sectors support of editing and publishing. In collecting data and editing process to obtain the relevant state departments, the China Automobile Industry Association, China Society of Automotive Engineers, the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities Industry and Information Technology departments and Automotive Industry Association, the major automobile enterprises (Group ), the production enterprises, research institutes and other relevant departments of the strong support, in particular, has been "China Automotive Industry Yearbook> strong support and assistance and liaison unit where you, to express my sincere gratitude.
China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2015

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