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China Agricultural Development Report 2010 (English version)
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Agriculture Press
Published Date : 12/2010
Frequency : Annually
Language : English
ISBN/ISSN : 9787109153998
Weight : 1.80kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Report
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1 Agricultural Development in 2009 Overall condition 3 Planting 5 Animal Husbandry 9 Veterinary Business 11 Fisheries 14 17 township enterprises Farm Economy 20 22, with the market prices of agricultural products 27 import and export of agricultural products 32 rural income distribution Rural Income and Consumption 33 37 special agricultural finance 38 comprehensive agricultural development 41 Poverty Alleviation and Development 42 Agricultural Mechanization Feed Industry 45 Grassland protection and construction of 46 Conservation of living aquatic resources and aquatic ecosystems 48 Environmental Remediation 49 industrialized operation of agriculture Processing of agricultural products 51 52 crop pest and disease control system Agricultural market system 54 55 Agricultural Information System 56 agricultural products quality safety management Agricultural science and technology, education and technology promotion 59 65 agriculture and rural development of qualified personnel Capacity building of agricultural administration 67 69 Agricultural Disaster 72 Sustainable Development of Agriculture 74 international agricultural cooperation and exchanges 2009, 77 agricultural and rural policies Overall rating 79 80 to support the development of agricultural production Increase agricultural subsidies 82 84 Rural Land Contract Management Rural collective assets and financial management 85 88 to reduce the burden on peasants Promote overall rural reform 92 94 to promote the development of farmer cooperatives Deepening rural financial reform 96 The grain distribution system 98 Grassroots agricultural extension system reform and construction of 100 Veterinary Management System 101 102 rural labor transfer Agricultural legal system 105 Agricultural Development and the national economy in 2009 109 Overall condition of 111 The contribution of agriculture to the national economy 112 114 Agriculture and the national income distribution Ratio between agricultural and industrial development 115 Rural non-agricultural industrial development and economic growth 116 116 urban and rural income gap 118 urban and rural differences in household consumption Differences in regional economic development 121 Trend of agricultural development in 2010. 125 Development goals and tasks 127 The conditions facing agricultural development 128 131 agricultural development trends to determine Text photos Figure 11993-2009 changes in grain output 5 Figure 2 1990,2009 changes in the structure of crops sown 6 Figure 31993-2009 6 years, changes in oil production Figure 41993-2009 7 years, changes in cotton output Figure 51993-2009 7 years, changes in sugar production Figure 61993-2009 8 years of changes in fruit production Figure 719932009 9 Changes in the total meat output Figure 81993-2009 changes in total output of aquatic products 1 4 Figure 9, 2008, 2009, 18 changes in township enterprises Figure 10 In 2008, the end of 2009, rural enterprises 19 changes in the number of workers Fig.1 1 2009, pork, silver carp, vegetables and changes in monthly wholesale prices of 23 Figure 1,219,932,009 production of agricultural products price index and price index of agricultural production changes in 23 Figure 131993-2009 on fertilizer use and price index changes 24 Figure 14 points in 2009 the retail price of urea changes in 24 months Figure 151993-2009 pesticide application on changes in volume and price index of 25 Figure 1,619,932,009 of chemical fertilizer production and imports 25 changes Figure 171993-2009 urban and rural consumer price index changes 27 Figure 181993-2009 proportion of total exports of agricultural exports of 28 changes Figure 191993-2009 agricultural imports in the proportion of total imports accounted for 28 Movements Figure 201993-2009 on food (excluding soybeans) 28 Changes in import and export Figure 211993-2009 rural per capita living expenditure of changes in 34 Figure 221993-2009 changes in agricultural disaster area 69 Figure 231993-2009 changes in agricultural disaster area 70 Ling 241993-2009 share of agricultural added value changes in GDP 113 Figure 251993-2009 retail sales of consumer goods in rural areas the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods movements 114 Figure 261993-2009 changes in 117 urban and rural incomes Figure 271993-2009 119 changes in the Engel coefficient Figure 281993-2009 per capita food consumption in urban and rural residents of 120 changes Figure 291993-2009 urban and rural residents per capita consumption of beef and mutton movements 120 Figure 30 2008,2009 township enterprises by the regional distribution of 122 Figure 31 in 2009 per capita net income of rural residents by provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the distribution of 123 Text column Box 1 steadily building 12 new veterinary system Box 2, the effectiveness of marine fishing moratorium for 15 years a significant 16 Box 3 Farm Insurance State Farm achieved positive results in agriculture 21 Box 4 "conservation tillage construction plan (2009-2015)" 44 Remediation of agricultural products quality safety column 5 Year 58 and Law Enforcement Box 6, cultivate new varieties of genetically modified organisms 61 major projects Modern Box 7 62 Agricultural and Industrial Technology System Box 8 of 64 special agricultural research and public service sectors Box 9, State Farm of Agriculture and Land Reclamation monitoring points the burden of building initial results 91 Box 10, 107 local agricultural legislation Schedule Table 1 of the rural economy's position in the national economy 134 Table 2 and composition of Gross Output Value (at current prices) 135 Table 3 The conditions of agricultural material production 136 Table 4 137 Investment in Agriculture Table 5 land area of ​​138 Table 6 crops sown area 139 Table 7 Natural Disasters and alkaline conditions governing waterlogging 140 Table 8 Average Number of rural households with fixed assets of 141 Table 9, the basic situation of rural households in 142 Table 10 Major Agricultural Products 143 Table 11 144 breeding conditions Table 12 township and village enterprises 145 main financial and economic indicators Table 13 agricultural supply and demand and price conditions: Rice 146 Table 14 agricultural supply and demand and price conditions: wheat 147 Table 15 Agricultural supply and price conditions: Corn 148 Table 16 agricultural supply and demand and price conditions: Soybean 149 Table 17 Production and import and export of agricultural products: grain, vegetable oil 150 Table 18 Production and import and export of agricultural products: cotton, sugar 151 Table 19 Agricultural production, consumption and import and export of: Pork 152 Table 20 fertilizer and pesticide production, import and price situation of 153 Table 21 Comparison of urban and rural per capita income of 154 households Table 22 Comparison of urban and rural residents per capita expenditure of 155 Table 23 urban and rural households compared the per capita food consumption of 156 Various price indices 157 Table 24 Table 25 Agricultural Producer Price Index I58 Table 26 159 urban and rural retail price index Table 27 basket wholesale price 160 Table 28 state revenue and expenditure of 161 Table 29, the distribution of economic benefits in rural areas 162 Table 30 Household 2009 Population and labor conditions (each of the rural households) 163 Table 31 administrative village level enterprises in 2009, labor force, cultivated land situation (each administrative village) 164
China Agricultural Development Report 2010 (English version)

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