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Beijing Tongzhou Statistical Yearbook 2018
Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Statistics Press
Published Date : 12/2018
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787503787362
Weight : 2.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Statistics
Estimated Shipping Time

1. "Beijing Tongzhou District Statistical Yearbook" is a statistical tool that is continuously edited annually. Through a large amount of statistical data, this book reflects the changes in the national economic and social development of Tongzhou District in 2017. It is the understanding of Tongzhou. And know the important materials of Tongzhou.

2. This book is mainly composed of two parts: text data and statistical table. The written materials are the Statistical Communiqué of 2017 National Economic and Social Development of Tongzhou District; the statistical tables include: comprehensive, agricultural and rural economy, industry, construction, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, fixed asset investment and real estate development, labor Situation, service industry, new industry, science and technology, finance, taxation, finance, people's life, culture, education, sports, health, family planning, roads, bridges, transportation, municipalities, public utilities, civil affairs, meteorology and environmental protection, ten There are 18 categories of major economic indicators in districts and counties.

3. Most of the statistical data in this book comes from the annual statistical annual report, and some of the data provided by the relevant departments of the district, which more comprehensively reflects the economic construction and social development of the whole district. All data provided by various departments are marked at the bottom of each table, and those not indicated are provided by the District Statistics Bureau.

4. According to the requirements of the preparation of the "Yearbook", the cover of the book is registered and published, and the content is the relevant information of the previous year.

5. Industry, construction, real estate, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, service industry six professional statistical standards and scope are as follows: (1) above-scale industries, that is, the annual main business income of 5 million yuan and above industrial law Enter the unit. (2) The statistical scope of the construction industry includes the construction industry legal entity with construction general contracting, professional contracting and labor subcontracting “Construction Enterprise Enterprise Qualification Certificate”. (3) Wholesale and retail trade above designated size: Wholesale industry, wholesale business entity with annual income of 20 million yuan or more, and industrial activity unit with annual business income of 20 million yuan or more, annual business income 2000 10,000 yuan or more of self-employed households in the wholesale industry; retail industry, retail business units with annual income of 5 million yuan or more, retail industry units with annual operating income of 5 million yuan and above, annual operating income Self-employed households in the retail industry of 5 million yuan and above. (4) Accommodation and catering industry above designated size: Accommodation industry, star-rated hotels, star-rated hotels, residential property companies with annual income of 2 million yuan or more, and residential businesses with annual operating income of 2 million yuan and above Industrial activity units, self-employed households with annual operating income of 2 million yuan and above; catering industry, catering business units with annual main business income of 2 million yuan and above, and annual business unit income of 2 million yuan or more Industry-operated units and self-employed households in the catering industry with an annual income of 2 million yuan or more. (5) Real estate industry statistics: 1 All real estate development and operation legal entities; 2 years of operating income of 5 million yuan and above, property management, intermediary services and other real estate activities. (6) Scope of service industry statistics: 1 The service industry legal entity that implements the enterprise accounting system with an annual business income of 5 million yuan or more; 2 The annual income of the administrative accounting system or the private non-profit organization accounting system totals 5 million yuan and above Service business unit; 3 all travel agencies; 4A and above tourist areas (points) and other major tourist areas (points). (7) The statistical scale of labor wages is urban calibre, which refers to all legally-owned legal entities other than private units within the jurisdiction, excluding individual industrial and commercial households.

6. Explanation of the symbols: "space" indicates that the indicator data is unknown or has no data; "one" indicates that the number is not enough digits; "sample" indicates some of the items; "meter" indicates that the information provided by individual institutional units is kept confidential, The data is not published. In the guest column, it means that it belongs to the same group. The indicators are separated by a solid line “l”, indicating grouping indicators belonging to different grouping marks. Each group of indicators is separated by a double line “”.

7. I am deeply grateful for the support and assistance of the relevant departments. Due to the limited level, the omissions and shortcomings of this book are urged to be criticized by leaders at all levels and relevant departments for future improvement.
Beijing Tongzhou Statistical Yearbook 2018

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