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Analysis of China Population with Characteristics of Regions
Description Table of Content
Published Date : 12/1990
Language : Chinese
Pages : 258
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Book Type : Statistics
Remarks : Electronic version only; One PDF file; 880KB
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In the census of the Office of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography preparation of the "Atlas of China's population", on the part of various pieces of the map prepared text, further elaborated the third census in 1982 of geographical features. In order for readers to grasp more information on the regional distribution of China's population, the population of Atlas's performance reflected the content, it would be prepared to develop into a more substantial and comprehensive idea of publications, and this is the book after book of the arising. The book as a companion of the Atlas of the population, mainly so that readers combine the use of the atlas, a better knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of China's population and regional differences.

The book is divided into 14 chapters, each of China's population changes, migration, distribution of resources and the environment, gender, age, birth, nationality, education, life and death, marriage and family, labor resources and professional sectors of the population, the population of the town , The division of the population, and population development strategies are discussed. In the chapter on all aspects of the composition of the population, not only made a comprehensive analysis of the district also made a description of the system that we could achieve a comprehensive, concise. The book also select the last three census, the population over the years, such as sample survey made of Schedule 28, for reference by readers. The book is the use of the atlas on the third of the population census data analysis, at the same time added advantage of the census over the years, as a result of information from different sources (including census data, sample survey, the household registration statistics report), the caliber of statistical difference (Such as the town's population division of the different standards), while its main forms made varying degrees of co-ordination, but chapters may also cited the existence of a unified enough. In view of the "Atlas of China's population" has been published in the book and limited space, the book solely by a small map, the various elements of the population and its distribution of statistical distribution histogram, can refer to the "Atlas of China's population," with a related plan Increase.
Analysis of  China Population with Characteristics of Regions

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