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The Almanac of China Real Estate 2019
Description Table of Content
Publisher : Dalian Polytechnic
Published Date : 5/2019
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 9787516419441
Weight : 3.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within one week
Book Type : Industry
Estimated Shipping Time

The 2019 China Real Estate Yearbook objectively and truthfully reflects the annual development of China's real estate in 2018, better serve the government's decision-making, serve the stable and healthy development of the industry, and provide market information services to member units. The China Real Estate Association has been in the business for seven consecutive years. On the basis of compiling the real estate yearbook, combined with the new development trend of the industry, and increasing the inclusion of outstanding research results, compiled the "2019 China Real Estate Yearbook".

The 2019 China Real Estate Yearbook consists of eight chapters on policy, macro, industry, market, city, enterprise, development and memorabilia. Among them, the four chapters of macro, industry, city and enterprise are mainly based on data forms. The rest of the chapters are mainly textual descriptions, which basically continue the style of the 2018 edition of the Yearbook. Some chapters have expanded or adjusted.

The 2019 China Real Estate Yearbook reinforces the editorial idea of ​​providing data as the core. Optimized the layout ratio between chapters, especially the "policy articles". For those policies directly related to real estate, the full text will be included, otherwise only the excerpts will be retained. In order to reflect the recent development of the housing rental market, the “Industry Article” added “the area of ​​real estate development enterprise housing rental area”; the “City Article” added “35 Key City Real Estate Development Enterprise Housing Lease Area” “Thirty-five City Housing Leasing Price Index, etc.: At the same time, this year, for the first time, the China Real Estate Evaluation Center released the “China Housing 288 City First-Hand Housing Price Index” and the “China Housing 60 City Housing Trading Price Index”. The “70-Day Mid-City Price Index” was released to form the “City Audit Price” section of the “City Article”.

The content of "2019 China Real Estate Yearbook" is kept in sync with the development of the industry. For the first time this year, the “Development” includes new research results in building technology, real estate appraisal, and characteristic towns, reflecting the characteristics of the real estate industry in terms of new technologies, new markets and new trends. In addition, the “Enterprises” also added the “7th China Real Estate” Guangsha Awards “list of award-winning projects”, which is a major event in the real estate industry, which makes us more aware that the development of the industry is not only larger than the scale. More than quality. Finally, the Yearbook shows the image of some excellent real estate companies in the form of color pages, hoping that more housing companies can stand out and climb the peak.

The 2019 China Real Estate Yearbook covers a wide range of topics and is highly professional. Coupled with the short time of writing and our limited level, it is inevitable that there are certain limitations and shortcomings. We are willing to listen to the opinions of the readers and continue to improve and improve the Yearbook.

In the preparation process of the 2019 China Real Estate Yearbook, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the China Property Management Association, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics, the Guangdong Real Estate Industry Association, and the Chongqing Real Estate Development Association China Minsheng Bank Real Estate Finance Division, China Construction Technology Group, China Real Estate Evaluation Center, E-House (China) Enterprise Group, Henry Group, Shanghai Xinyi Housing Agency Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongyilian Information Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Vigorously assisted, the relevant professional committees of the China Real Estate Association and the vice presidents of the association also gave valuable support in the editing and promotion of the Yearbook. Cui also expressed his gratitude!
The Almanac of China Real Estate 2019

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