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Almanac of China’s Finance and Banking 2014 (Chinese Edition)
Description Table of Content
Publisher : Almanac of China's Finance and Banking Editorial Board
Published Date : 12/2014
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
Weight : 2.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Industry
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"China Financial Yearbook 2014" (Chinese version) is the head of People's Bank of China, hosted by China Society for Finance, "China Financial Yearbook" editorial compilation and publication of large informative literature. Founded in 1986, the year volume, continuously published, Articles 29 of the total volume. Adhering to the "China Financial Yearbook" approach has to be very accurate and informative content, practical and popular attention for all sectors of the reader reference and use.
"China Financial Yearbook 2014" Articles comprehensive, systematic and authentic record of the 2013 situation and development of China's financial sector reform, covering banking, securities, insurance and other commercial financial institutions, objectively reflect the financial year reform and development industry in difficulty and focus, Repertoire important current events, literature and laws and regulations and statistics during the year.
Materials "China Financial Yearbook 2014" Articles collected mainly from financial management, financial institutions and industry-related organizations, national major financial media and national statistical offices, and after reviewing the relevant department heads feeds to ensure that the authoritative data and accuracy.
"China Financial Yearbook 2014" magazine editor using the classification method, the first part to the fourth part is being prepared, plus an appendix.
Contents contained four parts as follows:
   The first part of China's financial overview chapter of the international financial and monetary cooperation across articles articles
   The second part of the literature of legal and normative documents papers papers
   The third part of the monograph and statistical research papers
   The fourth chapter Memorabilia Directory of articles
"China Financial Yearbook 2014", "China Financial Overview Chapter", "year", "year", "end" refers to 2013, "last year" refers to 2012; the Department did not make special note, currency Renminbi .
"China Financial Yearbook 2014" "around the financial chapter," in order to avoid duplication, after each article accompanying economic and financial statistics in the existing data, were omitted in the text editing processing; the form blank indicates no statistical data or the item is no longer statistics.
"China Financial Yearbook 2014", "Statistics chapter" due to rounding, the sum total of the itemized slight error; "the balance sheet, income statement," published in 2012, 2013 years of data, such as inconsistent with the annual data, please Articles prevail.
"China Financial Yearbook 2014" publication of the order of financial institutions routinely carried out, no ranking high and low points. Nine for the convenience of the reader access to search, reset disk Articles Ending a subject index, according to the first word keyword Pinyin sequencer arrangement.
"China Financial Yearbook 2014" magazine editing and publishing, has been and the People's Bank of China branch, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the National Bureau of Statistics and relevant financial institutions and industry associations to support and help, in this deeply grateful. Due to the limited editing level, it is inevitable omissions error, please readers criticism.
Almanac of China’s Finance and Banking 2014 (Chinese Edition)

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