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2005 China 1% Population Sample Survey-Beijing
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Description Table of Content
Publisher : China Statistics Press
Published Date : 5/2008
Language : Chinese
Weight : 2.00kg
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Book Type : Statistics
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2005 1% population sample survey in 2000, following the fifth national census after another large-scale social surveys. The State Council and local people's governments at various levels under the strong leadership in selected areas of the people and with the strong support of the investigation after staff especially in the past 200,000 instructors investigation and investigators of hard work to achieve a complete investigation Success. Through this investigation, and further investigate the current China's total population, geographical distribution, as well as the basic structure of the living environment in areas such as, for the study and understanding of the socialist market economy, the natural population growth, education, employment, migration Changes in the flow of clear, as well as the status of the population and the economic and social development, resource utilization, environmental protection, the relationship provides an important basis for the foundation, for the monitoring of China's "well-off" of the process, provides invaluable information.

The standard time for the investigation at 0:00 on the November 1, 2005. The survey was targeted in the investigation of the selected communities with the People's Republic of nationality and in October 2005 in the evening of 31 living in this community, as well as to investigate accounts of the households in 2005, the night of Oct. 1 is not living in households of all this Of the population. Household surveys to be registered as a unit to investigate the registration of families who adopt the methods of investigation. The survey for the whole country in order to to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities for the general meeting, to take layered, multi-stage cluster sampling method of probability ratio. The final sample for the investigation unit community. The survey involved a total of 345 (city) and 2869 counties (cities, districts), 2 1 1 82 townships (towns, streets), 6 1 820 villages (UN) Committee of the 77,417 community survey. National survey of registered permanent population of 16,990,000 people, accounting for 1.325 percent of the total population. According to the quality of subsequent checks with a total population of the reporting rate of 1.72 percent. 2005 1% of the population register after the end of the sample survey, the National Bureau of Statistics data in a quick summary on the basis of published "2005 1% population sample survey data on the main bulletin." After the national and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities have completed a survey of computer data processing, access to more detailed information. In order to meet the needs of the community, we will be part of the resident population by the caliber of the aggregate data published. The description of the situation as follows:

I, "2005 1% population sample survey" and "of 2005 XXX provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) 1% population sample survey of" family formation. National data set: a summary, ethnicity, age, education, employment, marriage, family, children, the elderly population, death, housing, transport and household registration in 12 volumes, and so on.

Second, the information Suokan data were a direct sample survey data, not the overall project, please use the information, the attention of readers.

Third, in the foreword of this calculation than the sample (1.325%) of the country's total population of the provinces and the resident population, not including the omission of the population, estimated at attention when the national data.

Fourth, in a sample survey of the work of registration, coding, such as the entry process may produce error, the distribution of sample bias exists, which will be reflected in the summary of the results, therefore, there may be some unreasonable. The data for this information to retain data after the original, did not make any adjustments, please use the readers attention to the data.

Fifth, although the survey was taken by the ratio ranging from the sampling method, but the country had a weighted aggregate. This information in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have information according to a unified national sample than the conversion can be directly compared.

Six of this information in "space", said the lack of statistical data on indicators of the table minimum number of units or the data.

Seven, due to take computing in the handling of rounding, some columns summary of the data and together with a few small differences exist, does not affect the use of the data.

Eight, in order to help readers use the information accurate, we will "in 2005 of the National l% of the population sample," the "2005 National sample survey of 1% of the population," and "2005 National sample survey of 1% of the population survey Note to fill in, "and" 2005 National sample survey of 1% of the population data of the main communique "document as an annex to be published.
2005 China 1% Population Sample Survey-Beijing

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